Andrew K (Andreas Karampatzakis) was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. He started his dj career in an early age, with the assistance of the local agency "Underground Lessons", run by Dj Leoni. Over the years he has steadily built a profile for himself by delivering quality dj sets, with excellent technique and programming both in clubs and radio shows.

During the summer of 2004, Andrew found himself between the top 10 of new-talent djs, in a competition run by Global Dj Broadcast and Markus Schulz. His set was selected through hundreds of entries from all over the world and made a big impression. It was then when Markus Schulz mentioned "G.Pal has some company in representing Greece. This set was chalk full of energy. Nice mixes and a solid tracklisting to boot!"

As a producer, Andrew K has already over 20 releases under his belt on labels such as the famous Global Underground, Mo-Do, Babylon, Vapour, Pure Substance, Armada, Wallop and more. His tracks have been supported by djs as Sasha, John Digweed, James Zabiela, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Mashtronic, just to name a few, and aired in radio stations as Radio 1 (UK), Kiss FM (UK) and Metrodance (AR) and many other stations worldwide.

They might say that a good producer doesn't make a good dj as well, but you will find that with Andrew K this is definitely not the case! The demand for him is constantly rising worldwide, and the list of the places he performs is growing rapidly. Some of the countries he has played are Argentina, Mexico, USA, Germany, Panama, Peru, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria and more. Furthermore, in the summer of 2006, Andrew had two nights in one of world's most renowned venues, Cavo Paradiso at the island of Mykonos, Greece

With technology advancing yearly, it is not a surprise to see Andrew take djing to the next level. Andrew now plays a semi-live set, making every performance unique by taking the max out of today's top technology.

Besides focusing on his career path, Andrew K is also working as A&R for Pure Substance Records and Underground Lessons. All in all, it is a safe bet to say that he is one of the best around worldwide with his productions and dj sets.

Think progressive laced with electro yet packing the punch to rock any dancefloor !



Leoni & Andrew K                   Underground Lessons Remixes         [Underground Lessons]           2007   

Dj Leoni & Andrew K              Flavours                                              [Underground Lessons]           2005

Andrew K                                Junk Science                                       [Freeze]                                   2005



Leoni & Andrew K                   Next To Me (Remixes)                       [Anjuna Deep]                         2007

Andrew K                                The Grudge                                         [Pure Substance Digital]          2007

Leoni & Andrew K                   Next To Me (feat. Marcie)                  [Underground Lessons]           2007

Soak                                        Miraflores                                           [Underground Lessons Digital]2007

Andrew K                                No Hay Banda                                     [Global Underground]              2007

Andrew K                                Download This                                    [Underground Lessons]           2007

Junk Science                           My Name Is Jacques                          [Anjuna Deep]                        2007

Junk Science                           Troll                                                    [Pangea Recordings]               2007

Andrew K                                Closure                                                [Sutil Records]                         2007

Andrew K                                I See You Found It                             [Global Underground]              2006

Andrew K                                Fade X Grey                                        [Babylon Records]                    2006

Junk Science                           Moodswing                                          [Underground Lessons]           2006

V-Sag & Andrew K                  Fossil                                                   [Pure Substance]                     2006

Leoni & Andrew K                   Flavours                                              [Kaya Records]                        2006

Leoni & Andrew K                   Communicate                                      [Underground Lessons]           2006

Andrew K & Simuck                Mar De Oro                                         [Babylon Records]                    2006

Andrew K & Simuck                Clouds Go By                                      [Pure Substance]                     2005

Andrew K pr. Junk Science    Synaesthesia                                      [Innovate Records]                  2005

Andrew K pr. Junk Science    Travelogue                                          [Mo-Do Records]                      2005

Junk Science                           Sweet Symphony                               [Armada Records]                    2005

Andrew K pr. Junk Science    The Inception EP                                [Underground Lessons]           2004

Andrew K pr. Junk Science    Jataka                                                 [Armada Records]                    2004


Jalebee Cartel            Acid Pants (Andrew K Remix)                                   [Vise Versa Music]        2007

Victoria R.                   Acting Over Reality (Andrew K Remix)                    [Carica Deep]               2007

Mark Pledger vs. Super8 & Tab - Worldwide (Junk Science Remix)          [Anjunabeats]              2007

F-Sonik                       Mad House (Andrew K Remix)                                  [Vise Versa Music]        2007

Spex                            Hypnotique (Junk Science Remix)                            [Vise Versa Music]        2007

Dj Hal                          Dirty Robot Girl (Leoni & AK Remix)                         [Erase Records]           2007

Mapiu & Oscar Colin   Fusion Perfecta (Andrew K Remix)                           [Underground Lessons]2007

Janicki & Langner       Love Generation (Andrew K Remix)                         [Pure Substance]         2007

Boomchaka                 Bring It On (Andrew K Remix)                                  [Atlant Records]           2007

Johan Vermeulen        Labyrinth (Leoni & Andrew K Remix)                       [Underground Lessons]2006

Dmarinos                    Dawn (Andrew K Remix)                                           [Segment Records]      2006

V-Sag                          Thespian (Andrew K Remix)                                      [Vapour]                      2006

CCCP                           Lie 2 U (Andrew K Remix)                                         [Wallop Recordings]     2006

Siberian Son               Dogma (Andrew K Heretic Remix)                            [Toes In The Sand]      2006

Can Costa                    Incoming Virus (Andrew K Remix)                            [Fiberline Audio]           2006

Tantamanna                Space Housewife (Andrew K Space Mistress Mix)   [Redflux Cinnabar]       2006

Viton & Stel                 Wooden Swordz (Andrew K Remix)                         [Planetworks Records] 2005

Evanescence               Bring Me To Life (VSag & Andrew K Remix)             [White Label 12”]        2005

Rouzbeh Delavari       Lalala (Progresia & Andrew K Remix)                      [Pure Substance]         2005

Sertac Kaya                Ultima (Andrew K Remix)                                         [1Shot Records]           2005

MV                               Come Back To Me (Andrew K Remix)                       [Joystick Records]        2005

Michael Darius            Magic Of Politics (Andrew K's Trip To 99 Remix)    [Blu-Room]                   2005

Darioef                        Conservation (Andrew K “It Is Only A Crush”)        [Sentient]                    2005

Alican & Soner            Plangent (Andrew K Remix)                                      [Dubcoast Digital]        2004