DJINXX aka Electronic Resistance (France)


Djinxx's Steady Pace

Decisive encounters (Laurent Garnier, Sven Vth) have given rhythm to Djinxx’s career like a drum kick punctuates a dancefloor bombshell. This makes sense, since last months, the southerner has scored several points on the electronic music scene thanks to unanimously acclaimed record productions.

A revelation? Regarding Djinxx, who has always acted as a complex-ridden outsider, this is how it can be defined. The idea of “revelation” mirrors recognized facts: a signing on two reference labels such as F Com or Cocoon, the entreaty from Ecler a sound equipment manufacturer which called on Djinxx to represent the brand…As for the artist, he has carefully retained his prime philosophy: “ I still keep inside me this craving to learn. I think about each day as the beginning of my career”. Precociously emerged on the budding electronic music scene in the south of France, House music was Djinxx’s favourite playground in his beginning even if later he settles on a techno register: today it is easier to understand the fellow’s eclecticism. His demand for “more” leads him to multiply musical experiments and to settle in Amsterdam in 1998 then in Miami in 2000. There, he had encounters after encounters with seminal artists of the American scene at that time. Back in France, the jockey starts to work as a producer releasing a debut three-track 12” on Deep Touch. Then, various compositions lead to the release of a series of five EPs, The Unexpected on So True Recordings.


In April 2003, Serial releases Time Out Gallery (rated record of the month by Roger Sanchez) while his collaboration with No, musician and producer, on a double EP Let’s Have a Party (a funky jazz-house crossover) is out on Black Jazz. Then, our man becomes cofounder of Mangusta, one of the labels parts of the Black Jack/Riviera universe (now Grosso Modo Production) with a few EPs heralding his debut album: Travel Notes. This LP entirely composed and arranged by Djinxx is released in June 2003. The artist in a smooth show of strength demonstrates his command on every dancefloor-oriented electronic spectrum from deep house to tech house. His singles are remixed by big guns such as Stacey Pullen or John Tejada. Yet, Djinxx already wants to move into top gear.

Late 2003, the engine starts to race with New Yorker label ndo’s entreaties. Spurred on by Laurent Garnier, always paying attention to the artist’s capacities, F… U F-Com, the impeccable electro label dancefloor-oriented subdivision releases Blue Flag in 2004. It proves to be quite a good springboard for a producer who was only waiting to be given his chance. And no one would be disappointed. During a year and half the producer would release four 12”s on this label and would establish himself as one of the most prolific and talented French dancefloor-dedicated artists. While others would have not looked beyond the rosy picture of the result, he refuses to slow down. He is chosen by Ecler to represent the latest mixing desk Sclat 200vs/6FX (Ecler is Djinxx’s favourite brand since his beginning), then in spring 2005 he creates two labels to release his new productions: The Soul Monkey and Sahkatek! The Soul Monkey (one of his historical alias as producer) is dedicated to house music. Sahkatek (as in SAHraoui KArim TEKnology), dedicated to tech-house/techno releases, is a “collector label” whose productions will be limited to ten references. Under the disguise of Electronic Resistance, on Sahkatek, Djinxx stands up for high quality productions (Human Been and Exposure are huge dancefloor bombshells) featuring remixes from leading figures such as Deetron, John Dhlback, Funk D'Void, Vince Watson, Paul Mac, Jrme or ADNY aka Alexis Delano. At the same time, an EP on 100 % Pure (label frequented by Sterac aka Steve Rachmad or Jamie Anderson), a second one on Hypnotic (under the name of The Soul Monkey), another one on Belgian label Srie (under the name of Electronic Resistance), as well as remixes from Deetron and Funk D’Void singles that will set the pace of this fertile year 2005. Yet the temporary height of this young career remains the encounter with Sven Vth in spring. The techno icon of Germany has asked him to produce an EP under Cocoon’s prestigious banner to be released in September 2005...If Djinxx contemplates each day as the beginning of his career, no wonder that today he does not have many “dreams” left: from now on, he calls them “plans”.

Herv Lucien June 2005
Translated by Raphal Messand

Artist Title Format Label Country Date
Djinxx Ears Instead Of Eyes CD / LP TBC TBC 2007
Djinxx Experiments 12" Neutonmusic GE 2007
Djinxx Vol. 6 12" Electronic Resistance FR 2007
Djinxx Be Quiet 12" Electrochoc FR 2007
Djinxx Formula 12" Neutonmusic GE 2007
Djinxx Vol. 5 12" Electronic Resistance FR 2006
Electronic Resistance Futurism 12" SHKTEK 007 FR 2006
Djinxx Vol. 4 12" Electronic Resistance FR 2006
Electronic Resistance Marvelous Night 12" SHKTEK 006 FR 2006
Djinxx Vol. 3 12" Electronic Resistance FR 2006
Djinxx Vol. 2 12" Electronic Resistance FR 2006
Electronic Resistance Boumtchicbam 12" SHKTEK 005 FR 2006
Electronic Resistance Exposure (Part2) 12" SHKTEK 004 FR 2006
Djinxx Cavalcade 1 Track CD/LP 100% Pure NL 2006
The Soul Monkey Vido Gamelle 1 Track CD/LP Hy:Br FR 2006
Djinxx Microscopic EP 12" Cocoon GE 2005
Djinxx Back To Holland EP 12" 100% Pure NL 2005
Djinxx Eclipse EP 12" F… U! Fcom FR 2005
Djinxx From Desert To Space 12" F… U! Fcom FR 2005
Djinxx The Transfer 12" F… U! Fcom FR 2005
The Soul Monkey Equator 12" Mangusta FR 2005
Electronic Resistance Exposure (Part1) 12" SHKTEK 003 FR 2005
Electronic Resistance Human Been EP 12" SHKTEK 002 FR 2005
Djinxx My Way EP 12" SHKTEK 001 FR 2005
Electronic Resistance Glorious Feeling EP 12" Serie BE 2005
Djinxx Vol. 1 12" Electronic Resistance FR 2005
The Soul Monkey Dirty Pants EP 12" Hypnotic music FR 2005
Blackfeet & The Soul Monkey Purism EP 12" Soul Monkey Records FR 2005
Alland Byallo & The Soul Monkey The Messengers EP 12" Soul Monkey Records FR 2005
Djinxx Blue Flag 12" F… U! Fcom FR 2004
Djinxx Vibrationism EP 12" ndo music US 2004
Djinxx Music In Jamaca EP 12" Mangusta FR 2004
Various United Beats of Djinxx 12" Mangusta FR 2004
Djinxx In Your Heart Again EP 12" Mangusta FR 2003
Djinxx In Focus 12" Mangusta FR 2003
Djinxx Travel Notes CD / LP Mangusta FR 2003
Solid Fusion No Latency EP 12" Mangusta FR 2002
Djinxx The Music Takes Control 12" Mangusta FR 2002
Djinxx The Timeout Gallery EP 12" Serial Rec. FR 2002
Neo & Djinxx Let's Have a Party 2x12" Mangusta FR 2001
The Soul Monkey Rain In Africa EP 12" Mangusta FR 2001
Djinxx In Your Heart EP 12" Mangusta FR 2001
Djinxx My Clouds EP 12" Mangusta FR 2001
Djinxx The Unexpected EP vol. 5 12" So True Rec. FR 2001
Djinxx The Unexpected EP vol. 4 12" So True Rec. FR 2001
Djinxx The Unexpected EP vol. 3 12" So True Rec. FR 2001
Djinxx The Unexpected EP vol. 2 12" So True Rec. FR 2001
Djinxx The Unexpected EP vol. 1 12" So True Rec. FR 2000
Degsay & Djinxx Deep Emotions EP 12" Deep Touch US 2000
Tony Blunt Method MP3 Inout SP 2007
ZWO! Static Refill 12" Dpress Indutries SP 2007
Deetron I Cling 12" Music Man BE 2007
Rennie Foster Her Dirty White Pumps 12" Dirty Works JP 2007
Little Tim Wait (Until The End Of Time)  12" S'Hort SP 2007
Dj Yellow & King Britt Beyond The Forest 12" Poussez! FR 2007
Bastards Of Funk Analog Modulations 12" Real Estate Records US 2007
Kriece & Basek Can't Stop 12" Saved Records UK 2007
Kan Shinomura Miu 12" Robbaudio US 2007
Michel De Hey Snert 12" Hey ! NL 2006
Jakatta Scimmering Stars 12" Royal Flush FR 2006
Sam Karlson & Gaffy Dup Dup 12" Hypnotic music FR 2005
Dj Fex Sensual Fantasy 12" Robotronic FR 2005
The Monsterz U.R.D.O. 1 12" Sureplayer GE 2002
RC Groove Project feat Lady D High Again 12" Blackjack FR 2002
David Duriez present Le Dav Don't 12" Lords Of The Sound FR 2002
Carlos Fauvrelle Talking 12" Serial Rec. FR 2002
Sbastien Lger Victory 12" + 2x12" Blackjack/Defected FR / UK 2002
Neo A Night In Marseille 12" Blackjazz FR 2002
Ron Carroll The Sermon 12" Riviera FR 2001
Neo Smoking Blues 12" Blackjazz FR 2001