Justin Xara

Justas Musteikis (Justin Xara) born in 1981 and first heard electronic music sounds when he was 15 years old. A couple of years passed as he was gradually involved to the local rave movement in 1997 when he first visited a massive Strokes Temple party. Straight after that Justin started making music on his own computer, organizing events, performing as drum’n’bass DJ. Drum’n’bass was the first sound that Justin was hooked on. Later on came house music.

In the year of 1998 Justin started playing at the most popular radio broadcast Mixas on Radio station Radiocentras. Since then Justin’s name has been printed on the posters of all biggest parties like Techno Valentine, Halloween Night, Strokes Temple and lots of others. Later on Justin was invited to organize events in Belarus Republic where he arranged several parties at club Reactor also having gigs everywhere.

Experimenting with music and sounds settled that Justin’s style evolved to techno house and later on to the progressive house filled with electro, acid elements.


In the beginning of the year 2005 Justin and his mate Art G started a project CCCP. The first vinyl release of CCCP is being released on Innovate recordings (UK) with remixes of Art G and Justin Xara themselves including a great Rhythm Code remix. Art G and Justin are signed to Existence records (Canada) where they have their “All the answers” digital release with Paul K remix and Pure Substance Records where CCCP remix of Tony Estrada’s “Black Derby” was released in July 2005. The tracks of CCCP have already won the recognition among the likes of Sasha, Sucker Djs, Andrew K, Chris Salt, Anthony Pappa, Jerry Bonham, Kasey Taylor, Chris Fortier, Osamu M and other big name DJs and producers in the dance music industry. Art G and Justin Xara mix session of the year of 2005 was aired at ETN and PROTON radio station, CCCP single “I Want Your Body” was presented by Hernan Cattaneo during his show on Metro 95.1.

Justin and his mate Dj Criminal have signed their track “5000kw” to Deeper Substance records set up by international dj and producer Demi. Justin Xara&Dj Criminal name will be written alongside 16bit Lolitas (Yoshitoshi, Minimal records), Shafunkers (C2 records) and other artists of Deeper Substance records.

Justin is having a residency twice a week at Fashion TV night club in Vilnius and was spinning alongside Sandy Rivera (Kings of tomorrow, USA), Gareth Oxby (Loaded records, UK), Stanton Warriors (Distinctive, UK), Arsenti Tchouprina (Belarus), Ignas IV (LT), Alexey Haas (Russia), Marius Ivanoff (Pure, LT), Elbee Bad (Gigolo, USA), Criminal (Deeper Substance records, LT), Art G and lots of others.

Productions & Remixes
1) Art G & Justin Xara – All the answers (original, Paul K remix), Existence digital
2) Tony Estrada – Black derby (CCCP remix), Pure Substance digital
3) CCCP – I want your body (original, Art G&Justin Xara electro mix, Art G&Justin Xara whispering mix, Rhythm Code remix)/ Innovate records
4) CCCP – Lie to you (original, Art G&Justin Xara breaks mix, Andrew K remix)/ Wallop records/ TBA
5) CCCP – Rakety (original, AN2 remix, Rui Da Silva remix)/ Deeper Substance records/ TBA
6) Justin Xara & DJ Criminal – 5000KW (original, Andy Chatterley (Buick Project) remix)/ Deeper Substance records/ TBA
7) Art G&Justin Xara – Flying/September rain (original, Francis Davilla, Habersham, Cube remixes)/ Existence records/ TBA
8) Tim Davison – Beneath the radar (Art G&Justin Xara remix)/ Pure Substance records/ TBA
9) Look Sharp (aka. Ben Macklin from Sucker DJs) - Crush (CCCP remix)/ Arkade records/ TBA
10) Andrew K – Fade to grey (CCCP remix)/ Babylon records/ TBA
11) Rui Da Silva – Amidar (CCCP Flat Triple remix)/ 64 records/ TBA
12) CCCP – Cosmodrome Baikanur (original, Miss Jools&Audiofly aka. Sleeper Thief remix)/ 64 records/ TBA