Zimbardo, whom you'll most likely know from the successful production duo Piliavin & Zimbardo, was first discovered by the legendary Terry Farley and appeared on his Junior Boys Own label as 'Deadset' in 2000, remixing the anthemic Farley track 'Children of House' featuring Marcel. Erick Morillo was the next to take P&Z under his wing, releasing 2 critically acclaimed EPs on his Sondos label that set in motion a wave of success that continues through to today in Zimbardo's new solo productions and remixes.

Z's latest production and remix offerings have been hugely successful for him taking the coveted No.1 sales spots in djdownload.com and beatport.com, and also the No.1 position in the Balance Promote Group Chart, bringing in a whole set of new fans for his unique take on the dirty electronic house sounds including the likes of James Talk, Jody Wisternoff, Hybrid, Elite Force, Force Mass Motion, Clive Morley (Fabric) and a whole heap more..


Zimbardos DJ career obviously runs hand in hand with his productions, and he has travelled the world delivering sets to clubbers as far and wide as Taiwan to Russia through to China, Lithuania, Chile, Kazakhstan, Mexico, USA, Greece, Spain, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the list goes on to well over 25 countries, covering all the major clubbing brands such as Ministry of Sound, Zouk etc. If you asked Zimbardo he would tell you he is first and foremost a DJ. This was his first love, and that has remained unchanged throughout his career. His energetic solo sets cover a broad scope of the house spectrum, and regardless of location, from the biggest clubs like Ministry to the smallest intimate venues, the same energy is guaranteed everytime!

[[ Zimbardo Remixes ]]
Elite Force – ‘You’ – Adrift Records (original taken from Elite Force new album)
Rhythm Mechanic - 'Flux' - Erase Records
Ambrozia - 'Plastic Kiss' - 19Box Records (original taken from Ambrozia second album)
Stian Klo & Tronso - 'Sodium Lamp' – Benchmarc
Electrik Soulside – ‘Shining’ – Ruff Dog

[[ Zimbardo Productions ]]
Unkle Chunky - 'Ninja Driver' - Z Tribe
Zimbardo - 'Killed on Wednesday' - Bugeyed
Zimbardo & Punk FM - 'Untitled' – CDR
Zimbardo & Dan Welton - 'Untitled' - CDR

[[ Compilation appearances ]]
Flux - Phuture Funk (mixed by DJ 19) - 19 Box Rec
Flux - Maximum Bass - MOS (Australia)
Flux - Summadayze (mixed by Tocadisco) - Stomp
Late Nite Return - Nu Breed 6 by Satoshi TOmiie - GU/Boxed
Just Once - Subliminal Sessions 2 (mixed by HCCR)
Geo Crash - Re-Model (Joujouka Album) - Radiosonic Records
Voodoo Juice - Subliminal Sessions 4 (mixed by Jose Nunez)
Roots - Brigade Honchos - Honchos (NRK)
Dont Stop - Brigade Honchos - Honchos (NRK)
Alcanzar - Brigade Honchos - Honchos (NRK)
Deep Trouble - SJ01 (mixed by Smokin Jo) - Trust The DJ
Roots - Global House Selection (CD) - Remix Magazine
The Issue (P&Z Remix) - NRK Label Showcase - DJ Magazine

[[ Piliavin & Zimbardo Remixes ]]
Noel Nanton - The Issue - Honchos Music
Electric Tease - Sensation - Distraekt
Go!DiMaggio - Heavy Metric - Communicato
Kingkade - Infectious -Minimal Records
Unplayed - Follow Me - Wallop Records
Smokin Jo - State of Mind - Distraekt
Jack Trash - Trash Talkin - Aphrodisio
Flash Bros - Restless - Distraekt Records
Kraymon - Wacko - Release Elements
DPP - M3X1KO - Sunkissed
London 909 - Sex, Drums - Distraekt
Made By Monkeys - I Try - Star 69
JouJouka - Geocrash - Mad Skippers
Ageha - A Better World - Tusom
Vidal - Un-done - Amplitude Recordings
D-Formation - Signs & Portents - Beatfreak
Chus & Ceballos - Iberican Sound - Stereo
E.G Fullalove - Didnt I Know - Star 69
Spirit of the Boogie - Reach - Distraekt
UDG - New Generation - RPO Trax
Jiggy - Over You - Lajja Recordings
Rooster & Peralta - The Meeting - Juicy Music
Club69 - Warm Leatherette - Star69
RPO - New Generation - Garbage Records
Routrax & Dion - Same Species - Wallop Recordings
Afrika Bambaata - Soul Makossa - Tommy Boy
Ty Tek - Feel My Fire - Distraekt
DJ Tomer - We Go Back - Tweek'd

[[ Piliavin & Zimbardo Productions ]]
Just Once | Midway Lesson - Sondos
Deep Trouble | Dub Boy - Distraekt
Dont Stop | Zimbardos Theme - Honchos
Voodoo Juice | Voodoo Tool - Sondos
Roots | Alcanzar - Honchos Music
Late Night Return | Plan B - Distraekt
Beatmasters Vol 1 - Distraekt Records
Slivered | Music Cant Lie - Eden Recordings
Dirty Sanchez | Sweet Drama - Mixmaster
Tie Me Down (with D-Formation) - Beatfreak Recordings