Exclusive Roster for Asia/Australia/NZ


Andrew K (Vise Versa.Underground Lessons.PSR.Armada.Vapour.Anjuna.Sutil) Greece

Rhythm Code (Moov.Kickin Music.Nascent.Cuba.Symphonic) UK
Eric Entrena (Dirty Players.Stereo Productions.Bamboo.RPO Traxx.Tweek D) Spain
Raul Blanco (Malassa Records) Spain
Zimbardo (Adrift. Benchmarc. Bugeyed. Erase. Distraekt) UK
Blunt (Dpress Industries.Thump Elektroniks.Pulsewith Records.Ferox) Spain
Doide a.k.a. Russ Gabriel & Blunt (Ferox Records.Thump Elektroniks) Spain & Germany
Phunk Investigation (Absolutely Records) Italy
Justin Xara (Innovate.Deeper Substance.Existence.Wallop.Future Lovers) Lithuania
* Alex McCulloch of Shafunkers (Sr2 Music.Saved.Fantastic House.Cr2.Deeper Substance) UK
* Tim Davison (Baroque.Sog.Redflux Cinnabar.Vapour.Observe.Hope) UK
Djinxx (Ovum.Bedrock.Jericho.Cocoon.F Communications.100% Pure) France
Vivie-Ann (02 Music. Star 69. Pure Substance) USA
** D-Nox (Sprout Music. Plastik Park. Electribe.Vapourise.Baroque.Fresco) Germany
** Beckers (Sprout Music.Plastik Park.Vapourise.Baroque.Fresco.Music for Vinyl) Germany
Christian E.F.F.E. (Mantra.Audio Therapy.SAW.Renaissance.Stereo) Italy

Niki B (Mantra.Audio Therapy.SAW.Renaissance.Stereo) Italy

* in conjunction with Sedition Djs UK
** in conjunction with MPDQX Booking